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Panchakarma is a comprehensive Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation program. It involves a series of specialized treatments and therapies to eliminate toxins from the body, balance the doshas, and restore overall health and vitality. A Panchakarma treatment process consists of three steps:

Poorva karma - preparatory procedures

Pradhana karma - main Panchakarma procedures

Paschath Karma - post treatment procedures


This is the preparatory procedure required before the main procedure. The treatments are necessary for getting the full benefits of the Panchakarma.
Poorva karma has two main processes -

Snehana (oleation)

Swedana (fomentation).

These methods help dislodge the accumulated toxins in the body and prepares for their complete removal.

Snehana oleation process of the body includes

• internal oleation by intake of medicated ghee/oil / any good fats.

• External oleation by different types of external applications, massages, oil flows etc Snehana oleation process of the body includes

Svedana (fomentation) - Svedana is the sudation process of the body which can be attained by the following procedures.


Medicated powders are made into a poultice and used for fomentation. It is beneficial in certain types of neurological conditions, arthritis, overweight and obesity as well as in acute pains like sciatica, lumbago, etc.


Herbal poultices (bundles) are prepared with medicated leaves, various herbs, and medicated powders. The poultices are warmed in medicated oils and used for massage. This massage can promote better circulation within the affected area thereby promoting increased perspiration, which helps the skin to eliminate wastes. It also helps tone the skin and can be superbly relaxing.


This involves fomentation of the body with a bolus of cooked rice-shastika or special rice known for its nutritional value. It is cooked in milk and an herbal decoction and made into a bolus. It helps prevent the degeneration of joint tissues and wasting of muscles and provide lightness in the joints, soft tissues, and muscles.


A bag filled with lemon mixed with herbal powders and processed with other medicines is warmed with the help of medicated oils – or without the oils, based on the patient’s needs – is applied on the muscles and joints. It helps relieve pain and inflammation as well as tensions and stiffness.


A special form of Ayurvedic treatment that combines rich oil massage with a special heat treatment. A highly rejuvenating treatment that enhances muscular tone and re-tunes the entire nervous system.

Kashaya dhara

Kashaya dhara is an Ayurvedic decoction bath, where a constant rhythmic stream of herbarized liquid is poured and massaged over the body. A relaxing treatment, used to support weight loss or detoxification programs.


This treatment is similar to Kashaya dhara. Here, instead of herbal decoction, medicated liquid prepared from grain (Dhanyamla) is used. It is additionally useful for reducing body weight.


In this treatment a stream of buttermilk is poured on to the targeted body part. Highly effective in alleviating hypertension, sleeplessness, fatigue, headache, depression, stress, migraine, dandruff, hair loss, etc.


Dhara with medicated milk is called Ksheeradhara. It uses decoctions made of various herbs that are added to milk and is effective for treating hypertension, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.


A fomentation process with medicated cow milk. The resulting steam is made to pass through a tube and then applied over the affected part of the patient's body. It is beneficial for stress and anxiety, speech disorders, cervical spondylitis, headache, and nervous disorders.


This treatment is done by applying an herbal paste over the affected area, then covering the applied paste with medicinal herbal leaves and bandaging it with a cotton cloth. This therapy is well-known for its property to relieve pain, swelling and to nourish the tissues.

Avagaha swedam

In this treatment, the patient is made to sweat while sitting in a tub filled with warm oil or herbal decoctions or medicated milk prepared using suitable herbs for specific health problems. It is good for rheumatism, painful urination, hernia, etc.


After completing the first step, the Ayurvedic doctor decides which of the main procedures are done, depending upon the proximity of the toxins. For example, an increased level of upper respiratory tract waste calls for Vamanam. Similarly, a lower gastro accumulation of waste calls for a Virechanam. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, Panchakarma refers to five treatment therapies. They are Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasti, Nasyam and Raktamoksham.


Vamanam refers to controlled therapeutic emesis induced by administration of Ayurvedic emetic drugs (vamana oushadhis). This helps clear upper digestive tract, upper respiratory tracts, and sinuses by removing excess mucus and toxins.


Virechanam refers to controlled therapeutic purgation induced by administration of Ayurvedic purgative drugs (virechana oushadhis). This results in expulsion of vitiated doshas and other toxins through rectal route - thereby bringing the chemical and hormonal balance back to the body.


Vasti is a specialized enema therapy that involves the administration of combination of Ayurvedic medicaments through rectal route for local as well as systemic defects. It helps eliminate toxins, improves digestion, and balances the doshas. It is beneficial for various neurological disorders, digestive disorders, detoxification, and overall wellness.


Nasyam is the administration of medicated oils or herbal preparations into the nostrils. This treatment helps clear the nasal passages, promote respiratory health, improve mental clarity, and alleviate sinus congestion and allergies.


It refers to the purification of blood by bloodletting. The stagnant impure blood from the body is let out to bring the body functions to the normal tone. This therapy is done using various methods, such as needle-pricking, venesection, leeching etc. It is mainly used in cases of chronic ailments like rheumatic arthritis, neuralgia, swelling, unhealed wounds, abscesses, etc.


This is the final stage of procedures by which the positive effect of the whole treatment is maintained. It includes post-therapy dietary regimen to restore the body’s digestive and absorptive capacity to its normal state.
Following procedures are used.

Samsarjan krama (food therapy after detox)
A special dietetic protocol in which form of food is gradually graduated from liquid to semisolid form and then to solid and normal food.

Rasayanadi prayogam (the rejuvenating therapy)
Rasayana therapy replenishes the vital fluids of the body and boosts the immune system, thus keeping away from diseases and preventing ill effects of advanced age.
Vajikarana is used for two purposes - promoting sexual health and treating sexual diseases. This therapy revolves around aphrodisiacs, enhancing virility, and promoting the health of offspring.

Shamana Chikitsa Pacification therapy with herbs, medicines, and lifestyle management.


In addition to the above procedures, the doctors may prescribe one or more of the following treatments.
Leech therapy
Leech therapy or Jalaukavacharana is defined as the therapeutic application of living medicinal leech to the skin to evacuate impure blood from a localized area of the body. It is beneficial in treating skin disorders, Psoriasis, eczema, diabetic ulcers, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, venous congestion, and infections.
Agnikarma or Cauterization
This procedure aims at management of various afflictions by inflicting burns on the tissue surface directly by using different materials known as Dahanopakaranas ortools of cauterization). Agnikarma is ideal for curing ailments like sprains, heel pain, tennis elbow, calcaneal spur, carpel tunnel syndrome and to remove warts, corns or any extra growths on skin and muscles.


An Ayurvedic lumbo-sacral rejuvenation therapy using hot oil or herbal decoctions. It helps in reduce pain and inflammation and deeply purifies and improves blood circulation around lumbosacral area. It also removes rigidity and spasms of muscles around lumbosacral region.


In this treatment, warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction is allowed to rest over the knee joint for a prescribed time. It helps restore the lubricating fluid in the joint and maintains integrity of the structures involved in the joint.


Warm oil is placed to rest over neck joint in cases involving cervical spine.

Marma massage

In this massage, the vital points of the body are stimulated with mild pressure. It ensures mind, body, and spirit relaxation and those undergoing this Marma point massage therapy achieve complete satisfaction in all these three aspects.

Chavutti thirummal / Chavutti massage

This is foot pressure massage using feet and not hands to apply pressure. It helps release stiffness in the joints and muscle spasms and stimulates metabolism and relieves mental stress.


A special procedure of applying medicated paste on the head. It is very effective in various psychosomatic disorders. The treatment has a soothing effect on the body and mind, reducing stress, tension, and anxiety, thus promoting mental relaxation.


A simple procedure of applying oil to the vertex using a cotton pad impregnated with medicated oil. This procedure is beneficial in dermatological conditions of scalp as well as psychological disorders.

Netra tarpanam

In this treatment, freshly made dough rings filled with medicated cow ghee is gently poured onto open eyes. It is very effective at treating eye diseases and poor or blurred vision.


Lukewarm medicated juice (swarasa) is kept stagnant in the eyes for a certain time with the help of a prepared frame. Used after tarpanam therapy to restore the strength to eyes.

Netra prakshalanam

Herbal decoction is made to flow from the medial canthus to lateral canthus of the eye thereby cleaning the eye. This is followed by relaxing herbal eye drops. Beneficial in all kinds of eye disorders.


In this treatment medicinal herbal paste is applied to the eye lids for a specified period. This treatment is beneficial in conjunctivitis, watery eyes, computer vision syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma corneal ulcers and inflammatory lesions of the eye.


Anjana or Ayurvedic herbal collyrium is a paste applied to the inner part of eyelids. It is an effective remedy for many eye disorders and prevents many disorders related to eye.


Warm, medicated oil or medicated liquid is gently, slowly poured into the ears. This lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal, sharpening hearing and removing impurities.


Topical application of an herbal paste to the face and letting it rest for certain period. This therapy is used to clear the morbidity of dosha or any toxic substances in facial skin, as well as to improve the color and complexion of the skin.


Exposure to medicated smoke from a mix of drugs relevant to the ailments, especially in psychosomatic diseases, etc. It is also done on different parts of the skin for certain diseases.


A calming and soothing foot massage therapy, which can completely revitalize and rejuvenate body and mind. It helps to overcome general weakness and fatigue in the lower limbs and improves the quality of sleep.


Uttara basti or Uttara vasti is a specialized therapy that focuses on the reproductive and urinary systems. It involves the administration of medicated oils or ghee through the urethra or vagina. It is often recommended for individuals suffering from infertility, menstrual disorders, urinary tract infections, blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, and other related conditions.

Yoni dhoopana
Yoni dhoopana, also called as vaginal steaming, is an effective treatment that employs steam from a hot herbal mixture that is directed onto the vaginal area. It helps improve blood circulation in this area and is beneficial in painful menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching etc.
Yoni prakshalana
Herbal oils or decoctions are applied through the vaginal route. The treatment is prescribed to alleviate gynecological disorders, treat inflammation, erosions, infertility and provide strength to vaginal muscles.
Yoni pichu
Clean sterilized cotton is dipped in medicated oil and placed within the vaginal passage. This treatment is particularly useful in case of vaginal infections, discharges, uterine prolapse, habitual abortion, etc.