About Us

At Ayurvedaloka, we offer a range of Ayurveda programs designed to promote wellness, balance, and rejuvenation.

Ayurveda Loka: Nurturing Wellness in The Holistic Way

Welcome to Ayurveda Loka, where the profound essence of Ayurveda's holistic approach to healing is our guiding light. Ayurveda Loka is more than just an Ayurveda wellness center; it's a sanctuary for those seeking a truly holistic and transformative healing experience.

We place a profound emphasis on rejuvenating the mind, body, and soul in a nurturing environment under the expert guidance of experts’ care. Ayurveda Loka is an extension of the renowned Purnayoo Ayurveda Treatment Center, which boasts an impressive 25-year track record of successfully healing patients.

Now, Ayurveda Loka takes this legacy a step further, introducing the perfect blend of comfort and luxury into the world of Ayurveda. While Purnayoo has been dedicated to offering affordable Ayurvedic treatments to all, Ayurveda Loka responds to the requests of its Western clientele by crafting an unparalleled experience that combines the authenticity of Ayurveda with the opulence of luxury.

Our Campus

Visit a place where wellness is not just a destination, but a way of life. At Ayurveda Loka, the convergence of traditional healing wisdom and lavish comfort creates a unique haven for those seeking ultimate wellness.

Nestled amidst a vast 4-acre expanse of verdant landscapes, our wellness center stands as a retreat to holistic well-being. Our commitment to mindfulness and eco-friendly construction is evident throughout our serene campus. We embrace a harmonious lifestyle that encourages health and vitality, which is why we proudly adhere to a strict no-alcohol, no-smoking, and no-nonveg food policy.

Our Legacy

We are not just an Ayurveda wellness center; we are a family legacy deeply rooted in the holistic principles of Ayurveda. Our journey began with Kunji Krishna Nair, who established an Ayurvedic pharmacy, instilling in us the importance of holistic well-being. Dr. Padmanabhan, following in his footsteps, continued this holistic approach to healing, inspiring Dr. Aparna Padmanavan and Dr. Abhishek Joshi to extend their services at Ayurveda Loka, the best Ayurveda Center located in Meenangadi village, Wayanad.
Here, healing is not merely a physical process but a profound journey that harmonizes the mind, body, and soul. With a rich history of patient care and well-honed expertise, Ayurveda Loka inherits Purnayoo's commitment to healing while elevating the experience to new heights. This fusion of Ayurvedic tradition and luxury is a testament to Ayurveda Loka's dedication to providing a holistic approach to well-being that meets the demands and desires of a discerning global clientele, ensuring that the path to health and rejuvenation is one of authenticity and indulgence.

Our Team

Dr. Padmanabhan is an award-winning Ayurveda practitioner with over four decades of invaluable experience. With a distinguished career spanning 30 years in the government sector, he has honed his expertise in traditional healing methods. Dr. Padmanabhan's commitment to education is evident through his extensive teaching experience, mentoring numerous Ayurveda doctors and students. He has touched the lives of over 300,000 patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Purnayoo, under his dedicated leadership for 23 years, has emerged as a beacon of hope for those grappling with various ailments, from paralysis to arthritis, impacting the lives of over 10,000 in-patients. Within our team, Dr. Padmanabhan's commitment to Ayurveda serves as a constant source of inspiration for healing and education

Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan

Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan and Dr. Abhishek Joshi holds profound knowledge of this ancient system which is the result of 12 years of rigorous academic commitment, including their completion of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies in Ayurveda.
Our family's dedication to holistic healing through Ayurveda has been unwavering for generations.

Dr. Abhishek Joshi

Dr Abhishek joshi was born and raised in an Indian family where Ayurveda and yoga was in daily practice. The practice of yoga and meditation was instilled at a tender age. This beginnings inspired him to pursue a degree in Ayurveda.

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S), PGDYTD (Post graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy for doctors), Chair of Ayurveda, Fakultas Kesehatan Ayurweda, Universitas Hindu, Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia | 2014 - present, Ayurveda doctor & teacher | 14 years of Ayurveda practice | 12 years of Ayurveda teaching

Mr. Anand Padmanabhan, the CEO of Purnayoo, was an engineer by profession who made a life-altering decision when he left his job in London to pursue his deep-rooted passions for Yoga and Ayurveda. His dedication to Yoga has earned him the prestigious QCI (Quality Certification India) recognition as a certified Yoga teacher. At Purnayoo, he conducts therapeutic Yoga and meditation sessions. His active engagement in initiatives like tree planting, medical camps, and tribal community upliftment reflects his steadfast dedication to holistic well-being. Furthermore, his commitment to sustainable practices, such as organic farming and preserving indigenous Indian cow breeds, aligns perfectly with our mission to promote health and wellness. With a holistic approach that transcends the realms of Yoga and Ayurveda, Mr. Padmanabhan's profound impact reaches far and wide, adding substantial value to the services we offer at Ayurveda Loka. His efforts resonate with our core values of nurturing not only the body but also the surrounding community and environment, making him an invaluable asset to our organisation.

Want to experience holistic practices of Ayurveda in an eco-friendly environment? Reach out to Meenangadi - India's First Carbon-Neutral Village in Wayanad

Ayurveda Loka is nestled in Meenangadi, India's first carbon-neutral village, where nature herself aligns with the holistic principles of Ayurveda. Our serene and eco-friendly backdrop enhances the quality of our treatments, amplifying the benefits of holistic healing. Nature's embrace fosters a profound sense of well-being and tranquillity. We are committed to sustainability beyond our carbon-neutral status. Our treatments utilise organic and locally sourced herbs and ingredients, forging a deep connection to the land and its natural resources. This holistic approach extends beyond physical well-being; it nurtures a harmonious relationship with nature.

Our Philosophy

Yoga is a holistic practice originated in India, seeking to unite mind, body, and spirit. It encompasses various paths, including physical postures (Hatha yoga), meditation (Raja yoga), devotion (Bhakti yoga), knowledge (Jnana yoga), and selfless service (Karma yoga). The core aim of yoga is self-realization, where individuals connect with universal consciousness. At Ayurveda Loka, we provide a comprehensive yoga experience. Physically, you'll enhance flexibility, strength, and balance, addressing issues like back pain, arthritis and others. Our programs nurture clarity, alleviate stress, and enhance focus by incorporating meditation and mindfulness practices. We also prioritize your respiratory health, improve circulation, foster emotional equilibrium, and enhance self-awareness. On a spiritual level, Ayurveda Loka guides you toward inner peace and a profound connection with the universe. Furthermore, our yoga practices under skilled professionals contribute to better sleep, effective pain management, weight control, improved digestion, and enhanced immune function.

Our holistic approach warmly welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels on their journey to overall well-being. In the embrace of Ayurveda's holistic wisdom, amidst the beauty of nature, Ayurveda Loka offers a transformative journey towards optimal health and a sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyle. Our mission is to be a beacon for those seeking profound healing experiences that encompass the mind, body, and spirit, while honoring and preserving our environment.

Who We Are

Welcome to Wayanad - The Hub of Serenity and Sustainable Living!

Cradled within the verdant embrace of the Western Ghats, Wayanad beckons as a picturesque hill station, amazes travelers with its panoramic views and an eternal spring-like climate. With a moderate climate throughout the year, Wayanad offers a refreshing escape from the scorching heat, attracting tourists to its soothing ambiance. But that's not all! Delve deeper into the heart of this wonderland and you'll uncover the first carbon-neutral village in India, Meenangadi, that's rewriting the script of sustainable living. Through collective efforts and community participation, Meenangadi has become a model for eco-friendly living, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet's well-being.

Kerala's Ayurveda Legacy

Ancient Heritage

Kerala boasts an ancient heritage of Ayurveda, deeply integrated into its cultural fabric, dating back centuries and playing a crucial role in shaping the state's identity.

Holistic Wellness

Ayurveda in Kerala is not just about physical health; it encompasses the holistic well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony within oneself and with the surrounding environment.

Natural Remedies

The state's lush landscape provides a rich repository of medicinal plants and herbs, forming the foundation for the preparation of genuine and effective Ayurvedic medicines and treatments, known for their natural healing properties.

Ancestral Knowledge

Passed down through generations, Kerala's families have preserved the wisdom of Ayurveda as a part of their cultural heritage, perpetuating age-old remedies and practices as an integral aspect of their everyday lives.

Global Recognition

Kerala has garnered global recognition as a prime destination for authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies, drawing wellness enthusiasts and tourists seeking rejuvenation, detoxification, and spiritual healing in the serene and natural surroundings.