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Dr. Abhishek Joshi

Dr. Abhishek Joshi

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S), M.D (Ayurveda) | Ph.D. (Ayurveda), PGDYTD (Post graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy for doctors), Chair of Ayurveda, Fakultas Kesehatan Ayurweda, Universitas Hindu Indonesia, Bali, Indonesia | 2014 - present, Ayurveda doctor & teacher | 14 years of Ayurveda practice | 12 years of Ayurveda teaching |, co-founder Vaidya Ayurveda, USA | 2019, Visiting physician, Purnayoo Arogya Nikethanam, Ayurveda & yoga centre, Kerala, India |

Dr Abhishek joshi was born and raised in an Indian family where Ayurveda and yoga was in daily practice. The practice of yoga and meditation was instilled at a tender age. This beginnings inspired him to pursue a degree in Ayurveda. His zeal for the science continued and he pursued his PH.D in Ayurveda and he was a doctorate of Ayurveda at an age of 29 years from the most reputed Ayurveda institution in India, Institute of Post graduate teaching and research in Ayurveda (IPGT & RA), Gujarat Ayurveda University.

With his keen interest in yoga and meditation, he has taken yoga programs for participants from 12+ countries. He became a certified yoga therapist to help his patients with the healing power of yoga as a therapy.
He has taught and practiced Ayurveda in India and Indonesia. He was appointed as Chair of Ayurveda at young age of 30 years in a 53 year old university in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. He is working as Chair of Ayurveda at Universities Hindu Indonesia since 2014. He is dedicated on introducing Ayurveda education and practice in Indonesia.

He is working diligently in uplifting and bringing the knowledge of Ayurveda at Bali and Indonesia. He was instrumental in organising the first International conference on Ayurveda in south east Asia at Universities Hindu Indonesia, Bali in 2018 in collaboration with AYUSH Ministry of India. His untiring efforts to bring Ayurveda to common people of Indonesia were significant for establishment of Griya sehat Ayurveda - first Ayurveda centre within a university at Bali islands, Indonesia.
He is co-founded Vaidya Ayurveda at USA in 2019. He has represented Ayurveda at many national and international seminars.
With clinical experience spreading across clients from 35+ countries he is one of the most insightful Ayurveda doctor and teacher. His passion to help people, easy approach, gentle nature, dedication to the holistic practices of Ayurveda medicine and yoga makes him well respected among his students and patients.